Grinding is another one of the many services Precise Plate has to offer. Precise Plate has Blanchard grinders and surface grinders in house. We offer grinding for small and large plates. At Precise Plate we can grind plates that we provide or we can grind parts that you supply. Our operators are experienced in rotary and surface grinding. At Precise Plate we can grind most types of material. Call Precise Plate for a quick quote 812-378-0241.

Rotary grinding often called Blanchard grinding allows for rapid steel removal with a good surface finish. With a Blanchard grinder most materials will allow near a 64 RMS finish. Surface grinding is a more precise type of grinding which is slower but will get a better surface finish and allow for a flatter plate. Most materials will allow us to achieve near a 32 RMS finish.

Let Precise Plate grind your parallels, base plates, die plates, mold plates, mounting plates, quick change plates, shear blades, tables or weldments. With one purchase order you would be able to purchase the material, ground to size and machined to your specifications. Let Precise Plate be your one stop shop.

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