In 1979, Precise Mold started building plastic injection molds and doing mold repair for the plastic molding industry. In 1987, Precise Mold was purchased by its present owners. In 1990 Precise Mold moved from a small building in Ogilville, Indiana into their newly constructed 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Columbus, Indiana.

Over the years Precise Mold has become a leader in mold making, mold repair, machining, blanchard grinding, CNC machining, CAD, CAM, weldments, prototypes, and reverse engineering.

In 2007, Precise Mold opened Precise Plate. Precise Plate is selling precision ground plates of various types of material. Some examples are: #1, #2, and #3 mold steels, 4130PH, 4140 PH, A36, and other alloy steel plates.

Also in 2007 Precise Plate purchased several large machines dedicated to the machining of the ground plate stock. Precise Plate, with our vast array of engineering, CNC machinery, welders, CMM, stress relieving equipment, and rotary grinders, can be the one stop shop for all of your machining needs