Precise Plate stays current with new technology. Our new portable Faro arm allows us to bring our CMM capabilities to your facility, which enables us to inspect parts or reverse engineer pieces at your plant. Our Faro arm is a real neat and precise piece of equipment. With the Faro arm we can inspect parts in the tenths of thousandths of a inch. With our Faro arm we can reverse engineer your parts quickly and for a competitive price that would probably be cheaper than trying to manually reverse engineer a part with standard hand held measuring equipment. Call Precise Plate for more information on our Faro arm or for a demonstration on how we could inspect OR reverse engineer your part.

All machined plates at Precise Mold go through a thorough inspection before going out the door. With our Faro arm we can inspect parts quickly without a high cost. It is less costly to inspect parts in house than bring them back after being delivered because of mistakes. The parts that you receive from Precise Plate will be correct every time.

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