Stress Relieving

Stress-relief treating can reduce distortion and high stresses from welding or machining that can affect service performance. The presence of residual stresses can lead to stress-corrosion cracking near welds and in regions of components that have been cold strained during processing or movement of a plate during final machining. Various manufacturing processes such as forming, machining, heat treating, and plating leave their characteristic residual stress pattern implanted in the steel. These residual stresses can lead to undesirable dimensional changes, during the production process.

Precise Plate is excited to be offering stress relieving. Precise Plate offers vibration stress relief, which uses sub-harmonic frequencies to reduce any residual stresses. This technology induces a mechanical energy into the work piece by sending the frequencies through the metal and eliminating the stresses from within. Different levels of induced energy will have different effects on metal. As with heat, vibration will produce an optimum energy level that will cause stress relief. When the energy reaches its maximum point it stabilizes with the natural harmonic frequency of the steel. With vibration the part can be stress relieved when you want it done. No worries about part expansion or carbon scale needing to be removed from heating. Call Precise Plate for more information on Stress relieving. We can stress relieve your parts today.

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